PALETTES ECO SERVICES began over 40 years ago, initiated by the “Les Papillons Blancs du Cambrésis” association. Initially based in NIERGNIES and named “CAT de NIERGNIES”, employing 37 people, the company developed quickly.

In 1993 we moved to our current site PROVILLE with 50 people, and we acquired our first 3 automatic machines (PLATO). This investment, underpinned by sustained growth, quickly was reinforced by the purchase of two lines CAPE in 1995 and a third in 2004.

At that time, we also implemented an on-site Service Provision Department, which developed rapidly and was composed of 3 dedicated teams and one mobile team by 2005. In 1999, the company was renamed “CAT des Hauts de l’Escaut”.

In 2006, following a change in regulations, our company legally became disability-friendly.

On January 1st 2010, the wood and services departments merged and became one and only company, “PALETTES ECO SERVICES”, which is now composed of almost 115 employees.