Palettes Eco Services

Our disability-friendly company has been specialised in wooden pallet manufacturing for over 40 years. Our clients are reputable and come from various industries.

We offer a wide range of products :

  • CP1 to CP9 standardised pallets for the chemical industry or VMF pallets for mechanical glassware.
  • Standard block 2 or 4-way pallets, with simple or perimetric skids or with full or notched rafters, with back bearers, in small or large series production.
  • Custom-made pallets of all types and dimensions (up to 13 m) complying with specifications and weight capacity requirements.
  • Standard and custom-made crates: bolted and collared pallet bins.
  • Industrial boxes of all types.
Our 5,000 daily pallet production capacity allows us to meet even the shortest deadlines.